Home Buying September 23, 2022

You can’t have HOUSING APPRECIATION if you don’t get started!

Home Buyers article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis
Day 3 of 7 for home buyers.
This week is buyer week for me to share tips for successfully purchasing a home. Today I met with one of my buyers who purchased in South Scottsdale in 2018. I checked on her home area appreciation before I met with her. It has doubled in value at the least and getting close to triple. That’s what I call a sound investment.
TIP: You can’t have housing appreciation, if you don’t get started.’
Also when she purchased the home she wanted to do updating. Well she did an incredible mid century modern remodel on the home. If or when she decides to sell in the future, she will fair very well.
2nd TIP: the house doesn’t have to be perfect as a first time home. It just has to have POTENTIAL!
Ps first time home buyers ROCK.
See the picture of my wonderful past client. She is an artist and truly fabulous with marketing ideas. She shared a bunch with me this morning.