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Home Buying Numbers involved in Purchasing a Home Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis Day 7 of 7 – of my home buyers series. For you folks that love NUMBERS, buying a property is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY! Lots of things depend on numbers. One of my wonderful lenders, Chad Stallings with Fairway Mortgage, put together a list of essential NUMBERS lenders look for in […]
Home Buying Rent Increases in Phoenix Day 6 of 7 – my home buyers series. There is one really good reason to buy a home or condo in Phoenix – the reason being the INCREDIBLE RENT INCREASES over the past few years. My most recent first time home buyer told me yesterday that when she moved to Phoenix in 2020 she […]
Home Buying The use of FACETIME AND VIDEO to help home buyers Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis Day 5 of 7 on how I help home buyers. Topic – FACETIME AND VIDEO. When I first started in real estate 13 years ago, I remember that a buyer deciding on a home with just seeing it via video and not seeing the home in person was a big […]
Home Buying My BUYER APPOINTMENT Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis Day 4 of 7 home buyer tips. Today I will talk about my BUYER APPOINTMENT. During my buyer appointment I pull out a piece of paper and ask the new buyer or buyers to list the top 5 characteristics they want in their next home in a column on the […]
Home Buying You can’t have HOUSING APPRECIATION if you don’t get started! Home Buyers article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis Day 3 of 7 for home buyers. This week is buyer week for me to share tips for successfully purchasing a home. Today I met with one of my buyers who purchased in South Scottsdale in 2018. I checked on her home area appreciation before I met with […]
Home Buying Ways to get your DOWN PAYMENT when purchasing a home Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis Day 2 of 7 – of my home buyer’s series and how I have helped so many buyers in the Valley. Let’s talk about thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX for obtaining your down payment for your first home (or for a 2nd or 3rd home), or getting help with your closing […]
Home Buying OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES when purchasing your home Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis Day 1 of 7 – HOME BUYER SERIES and how I help my wonderful home buyers. One of the first questions I get asked when working with my buyers is, “How much out of pocket costs will I have in buying a home?” GOOD QUESTION! Since ALL of my buyers […]
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