Home Buying September 24, 2022


Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis
Day 4 of 7 home buyer tips. Today I will talk about my BUYER APPOINTMENT.
During my buyer appointment I pull out a piece of paper and ask the new buyer or buyers to list the top 5 characteristics they want in their next home in a column on the left then on the right column, the reasons why these items are important.
My reasoning behind the BUYER APPOINTMENT is that ‘we can’t hit a target that we don’t have’. This exercise gets us all on the same page and gives us a common goal.
The last appointment I held, one of the buyers mentioned to me that in all the years they have bought properties, no agent had ever taken the time to find out what she wanted exactly.
Below is their COMBINED list (they are a married couple):
#1 big master bathroom with two sinks (they had always had one sink!) and a walk in shower
#2 two car garage
#3 2 or 3 ‘butt’ kitchen with room for a few people to walk in and out to make meals comfortably.
#4 Good windows
#5 Updated cabinets that went all the way up to the ceiling. She didn’t like space between the ceiling and the cabinet top.
#6 price between $400,000 – $450,000
#7 bigger yard so as to have a good size garden
#8 3 bedroom so they could have an office in one and a guest room in one.
#9 mostly tile flooring
#10 want way East Valley.
This is what we found:
#1 Roomy master bathroom with two sinks and a walk in shower (no tub).
#2 full two car garage
#3 roomy kitchen – open concept where the person in the kitchen is a part of the party in the family and dining room
#4 newer dual pane windows – the home is only 3 years old
#5 Updated dark espresso brown cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling
#6 I was able to get the home for $375,000 – below budget – it was listed for $380,000
#7 way bigger yard than they currently have with plenty of room for a garden
#8 3 good size bedrooms
#9 tile throughout all the main traffic areas – only carpeting in the bedrooms
#10 home is in the East Valley in Gold Canyon
Amazing, isn’t it?? When we went to view the home I immediately ran into the bathroom to see if there were dual sinks then back to the kitchen to see if the cabinets went all the way to the ceiling. The answer was yes in both cases. Wewwwwww!
We LITERALLY hit the target! My buyer principles work time after time and it is so exciting to be a part of their journey!
Happy Thursday!