Home Buying September 24, 2022

The use of FACETIME AND VIDEO to help home buyers

Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis
Day 5 of 7 on how I help home buyers. Topic – FACETIME AND VIDEO.
When I first started in real estate 13 years ago, I remember that a buyer deciding on a home with just seeing it via video and not seeing the home in person was a big NO NO!. Well thanks to the pandemic, that changed the way of viewing homes for ever! When people didn’t want to leave their homes to view a home in person because of being quarantined, Facetime and Video seemed to work perfectly. Well what changed? The perception that folks couldn’t make an informed decision unless they were there in person.
I have a wonderful recent success story for one of my out-of-state buyers. I had met with him in the office, performed my buyer appointment (day 4 of my buyer series) and then we went out to view properties that fit his criteria. While at the appointment, I created a home search for him on the computer that would serve to make him aware of future homes that would come on the market when he returned back to CA.
We spent the day looking at homes. He found two that he liked but decided he needed more time to digest what he really wanted. While we were looking at what was available, I could see that he really loved one of the homes because of the backyard. The next day I looked to see if that home was still active. It had actually gone under contract that night.
He returned to CA. He gave me a call and said, ‘Rosemary I want you to go look at a few homes for me in Sun City Festival.’ I contacted the local agents there for showings. One agent told me of a home that was ‘coming soon’ on the market but he said I could view that one as well when I was out showing in Sun City Festival the next day.
I viewed a few but when I went into the ‘coming soon’ home, I looked straight thru to the backyard. It was so similar to the one my client loved. As I looked around the home, IT WAS PERFECT! Everything that was on his top 5 characteristics and much much more. It was also within the price range he could afford. My buyer and I did Facetime at the house then I proceeded to film a longer video and uploaded it into my Youtube channel later that evening.
As we did Facetime, I told him, “Bob, I think this is it!” He agreed! After watching my video on Youtube he called me and said, “Rosemary – let’s do an offer. ” We did the offer and it was accepted even before the home became active on the market.
He is now moved in and LOVES the property and the community. Truly amazing how video can work now to help buyers find their DREAM HOME.
Do you know someone that wants to move to AZ but lives out of state? I can help.
Happy Friday!