Home Selling October 5, 2022

Front yard landscaping & your first impression!

Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis on August 19, 2022
Day 5 – home seller tips and how I have helped sellers successfully.
WHAT ABOUT FRONT YARD LANDSCAPING? Can it really detour a buyer?
When the market isn’t crazy busy, buyers do become more picking because they have a lot more homes to chose from. Makes sense, right? The seller only has one shot to make a good first impression. The first impression is made walking up to the front door.
Let me share one incident. I had a home on the market that was sitting for longer than it should. It was a divorce situation (very common in home selling). Well funds were tight on both sides of the seller transaction. The money from the sale of the home would be of great benefit to both sellers at closing so we had to get it moving.
The home was in good condition – especially for the price point but it had one problem. One of the sellers took practically every shrub, flowering bush, etc. out of the front and back yard. It just now was a bunch of rocks and a tree here and there.
One of the seller’s attorney called me and asked, ‘Rosemary – what is the reason this home isn’t selling?’ I told her curb appeal. She said, ‘o.k. I believe in your expertise. I will send you the money to have the landscaping redone.’ I told her how much, she sent the money and I hired one of my landscapers, Victor Tapia, to help me design, shop for the plants and do the install.
The next week we had a showing and guess what happened, it sold!
You only have one chance to make a first impression with your home on the market!
Take a moment to look at this home’s front yard pictured below that I found on line. What do you think when you look at it? I think, what a beautiful home; those folks must take incredible care of that property; I can’t wait to see the inside, etc., etc. Is that what you are thinking?
Happy Friday!