Home Selling October 5, 2022

Keys to preparing your home for the market

Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis on August 16, 2022
Day 2 on how I successfully have helped sellers sell their homes for top dollar. P.s. I can help you too…
A while back I was called to interview for a listing of a loft in Downtown Phoenix at the Artisan Lofts. I work with an assistive living group that was helping these folks move from their beautiful loft to their assistive living community. They called on me to go meet with their clients and interview for the listing.
As I sat and spoke with the couple, they let me know that they had previously been on the market for ONE WHOLE YEAR and the loft still had not sold. Their contract with that realtor had expired and now they needed someone to figure out the problem and get their loft sold so that they could move forward with their plans to move into an assistive living community. They asked me if they could move out and have me list it. My answer was ‘you bet!’.
I walked the property with them and soon figured out a solution to finding a buyer. Folks that love lofts like clean lines, absence of color, exposed pipes, very urban style furniture. The owners furniture was very traditional (their style which they loved) and the walls were painted very warm colors to go with their furniture style and motif.
Seeing they wanted to move out, I gave them the suggestion of a painter that is fabulous, and suggested they freshen up the walls and paint the entire unit white. I also offered to digitally stage the home with urban furniture for the mls photography.
Well my suggestions WORKED. I had it under contract in one week with a full price offer then two days later I also had a full price back up offer. They were thrilled to say the least. They didn’t have the expense of two properties for a long period of time and they were able to move on with their lives in the assistive living community. Win/win for me and them!
It pays to use an experienced listing professional with a good eye and sense for what may be the problem in moving the property.