Home Selling October 5, 2022

Know your area statistics!

Written by Rosemary DeLaurentis on August 18, 2022
Day 4 – on how I can assist my home sellers. This is seller info for those sellers in the zip code 85028 on August 18, 2022. Look what is happening in our market this past month. Very interesting! Our month’s inventory supply has increased by 295% Crazy!  That means home that come on the market now will have much more competition than homes that came on the market just a few months ago.  These kind of statistics really help when determining list price and the need for marketing.
As a seasoned listing agent, I can read area statistics to help sellers list at a price that will get their seller’s home to move and sell.  When a seller chooses to list above the statistical data price, their home can sit on the market for a longer period of time and then they run the risk of getting even less for their beautiful home.  Let’s get your home prepped, listed and SOLD!