Home Selling October 5, 2022

The importance of the seller’s trust in their Realtor

Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis on August 20, 2022
Day 6 of 7 – home seller tips and how I have helped sellers successfully.
My topic today is seller TRUST in their realtor. I have found that when sellers TRUST in my ability to sell their home, miraculous things happen! I actually desire to work super hard at obtaining the best and desired results for my seller.
When I was 19 years old I took a Bible class that taught about the importance of trust and the positive side of believing. I’ve attached a picture of that chart from that class. To say the least, that chart and class changed my life forever! When my clients are operating on the right side of the chart, it helps me tremendously with their sale!
I remember early on in my career, a friend asked me to sell a home in Fountain Hills. She had great faith in my ability to find the right buyer and to get the best possible price and she continually told me so.
Well you can imagine that I did everything I knew to sell that house! I remember planting cute live flowers in the backyard flower boxes, I put a large artificial palm tree in a large empty pot on the front porch, I put the home on the Fountain Hills realtor tour to obtain realtor feedback, advertised it everywhere I could and held and coordinated open houses.
The feedback we received from the realtors and folks that attended the open houses was that the home was super cute (which we already knew) but that it being on a busy street and having a smaller kitchen were deterrents.
Well at one of the open houses that my dear realtor friend, Shirley Shadegg, held open in walks a gal that FELL IN LOVE with the home. Turns out this gal was hearing impaired (the traffic noise was not an issue) and was originally from Europe where smaller homes and kitchens were a norm. This gal put in an offer and her offer was accepted! MIRACULOUS, wouldn’t you say?
Seller TRUST is so important and miracles help a lot too! 🙂
Happy Saturday you all!
Rosemary DeLaurentis