Home Selling October 5, 2022

When is the best time to buy?

Article written by Rosemary DeLaurentis on August 21, 2022
Day 7 of my 7 day series) on seller tips and how I help my home sellers.
So many sellers ask me, “When is the BEST TIME TO SELL?” My answer isn’t based on if the market is up or down, my answer is based on the fact that when it’s the BEST TIME for the seller.
We all go thru major life changes throughout our lives and those changes are what makes it the PERFECT TIME TO SELL. When the market it down, it’s a good time to sell because you will be able to buy at a lower price but you won’t make as much as you like in appreciation. When the market is up, you’ll make a lot more with appreciation, however, the next home you buy (if you are still in the market) will also be higher than previous years.
I’ve been able to help so many folks during life changes such as the following:
– had a new baby and their current home is now too small.
– just got married and their condo wouldn’t accommodate another person.
– relocation – this is a BIG one for many of my clients. They are moving to Phoenix or out of Phoenix for a brand new career opportunity.
– downsizing – they are now empty nesters and no longer need the large 4 bedroom home with a pool.
– decided to move to an area like a 55+ where there are more amenities for retired folks.
– the neighborhood isn’t the best and want to move to a quieter area farther out of town.
– decided they want to be closer to out-of-state family. (This was the main reason I helped so many sellers during the pandemic.)
– decided to purchase a different type of property such as a horse property and needed more land.
– their lifestyle changed and they want less land.
– couple is going thru a divorce and need to separate finances.
– a death of a spouse.
– are now in need to move to an assistive living situation.
These are just a few GREAT reasons for you to make a move. If any of these or countless other reasons apply, THIS IS THE BEST TIME FOR YOU TO SELL!
I hope you enjoyed my week of seller tips. I am always here to help.
Happy Sunday!